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  • Min payments
    Monthly payment $817
    For 10+ years $81,131
  • Credimac solution
    Monthly payment $536
    For 4 years $25,725

Credimac is a Public Benefit Corp.

We care about people, our competitors care about profit

Industry standard

  • They sign up DEBT
  • They get people INTO the program
  • They maximize YOUR fees
  • Sink or swim alone


  • We sign up PEOPLE
  • We get people THRU the program
  • We maximize YOUR savings
  • Individual dedicated advisor

Getting started is EASY

  • Tell us about your debt problems
  • See how much you can save
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Too much debt can be overwhelming.
We get it. Let us reduce your burden.

Credimac is the first U.S. consumer special servicer

What does that mean? Well, when things don’t go exactly as planned with payments or servicing of debt, the debt first goes delinquent, and then potentially into default. Special servicing is the process where a 3rd party helps the borrower and the lender develop a workable plan for everyone. The borrower gets some relief on payments and the lender doesn’t get stuck with zero.

Almost all other entities, like corporations or commercial real estate, have special servicing. We think consumers, especially those in trouble, deserve the same treatment. With a senior team that has more than 100 years in finance and technology experience, we know we can deliver that experience to you.

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