About us

Our names are Steve, Iggy, Keith, Paul.

No, we're not a cover band for the Beatles.

But we each have more than 25 years of experience in finance, technology or some combination of both. We’ve worked together in various functions and at various companies, including MicroSoft, Morgan Stanley, JPMorgan, Seneca Mortgage and Servicing, Shopping.com, BizRate.com and several other companies. We’ve learned in our careers that you have to delight customers every day and with every order. We pledge to do everything in our power to accomplish that goal.

We’re four founders who discovered an industry (debt settlements) that, while small, had enormous potential to help those consumers really struggling with credit. Also, as financial executives and technologists, we saw a tremendous opportunity to expand the size and scope of the current market offerings.

We believe strongly that our previous experiences in finance, technology and servicing give us a unique perspective to bring both world class service and innovation to the debt resolution and settlements industry.

We will work hard every day to gain your trust and your business.

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