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We believe that it’s possible to do good and to do well at the same time; We incorporated from Day 1 as a Public Benefit Corporation for that very reason.

A company is only great when it truly serves all its constituents. For us those constituents are:

  • Employees
  • Clients/Consumers
  • Creditors
  • Our community
  • Our shareholders

Fortunately, the industry has the capacity to reward all of them. However, it does require a long-term view. At Credimac, we believe it’s the only way to move forward.

Unfortunately, many other companies in our industry take a very short-term and self-interested approach to debt settlements and more importantly to their prospective and current clients. We believe that is not only the wrong thing to do; it’s also the worst business decision. Only by helping our clients achieve a healthy, long-term relationship with credit and their finances, will we have accomplished out stated mission and ensure our own long-term success.

If this kind of company appeals to you, please reach out to us at

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